Spotify – sliced bread for your ears!

If the iTunes music store was a revolution, then Spotify is the second resolution that was a long time coming. When friends and family ask me what Spotifyis, I usually reply by saying that “I can tell you what it is but that would be like me telling you how an Orange tastes…you have to try it to really appreciate it”.

To put it simply, Spotify is a free and completely legal music streaming service that is taking the world by storm. The free version allows you to listen to unlimited music on demand. Users are able to upgrade to a paid premium service (subscription based) that allows them to download any songs (unlimited) to their computers and phones and listen offline, just like iTunes. So, why do I like Spotify more than Apple’s iTunes store? Well, here is just a small list:

  • You do not have to pay for every song that you listen to or download. You have access to unlimited music.
  • It is very social – I can see what my all my Facebook friends are listening to (they have to share) and if I see something that looks interesting, I just need to click on it to listen to the same track….instantly!
  • Discover new music – because of the social nature Spotify, it is a wonderful way of discovering new music. Just go through your friend’s shared playlists and you may just find that you’ve suddenly acquired a taste for Opera or some weird genre of music that you’ve never heard of J
  •  You don’t have to wait for a song to finish downloading before you can listen to it. Simply click on it, and it will start playing…almost instantly!

Don’t wait…just go to and discover it for yourself.

Some interesting facts:

  • Spotify was Started in Sweden.
  • It’s has backing from people like Sean Parker (yes, the guy who made Napster)
  • Apple has tried very hard to stop Spotify in the US but failed.
  • Quite a few Google executives have just joined Spotify, the latest being Kate Vale of Google Australia


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