Some Recent Pet Projects

  1.¬† – it’s a working prototype website for outsourcing little chores and tasks to people living around you.
  2. it’s a website that allows two people to have a regular phone conversation and keep a recording of the call as an mp3 sound file
  3.  Рa clean and simple web-based Instagram feed viewer. Allows you to download a zip of your photos with a single click

  1. SocialMiner¬†- social miner is pet project that takes all facebook info (photos, posts, personal info, comments, likes, friends/connections, etc) and twitter information of a person (me) and everyone connected to them (my friends) and processes them using Azure and Amazon AWS (cloud computing) to discover hidden information and generate stats and visualisation. Update: I’ve discontinued the project mainly because you can now get similar sort of information using Wolfram Alpha.

More coming soon…