Naked face – 15 August 2017

Recently, I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with human faces, facial recognition technologies, machine learning, AI and their application in various contexts. I’ve also needed to take my mind off things and do something different just for the sake of doing something – my version of an adult coloring book or meditation, if you will. So, here is something I’ve put together:

It’s a proof of concept. In it’s current form, it provides no real value other than a bit of fun and amusement…..just thought I’d dump it here, in case anyone feels like having a play. You basically upload a ¬†front-facing headshot of a person and it will spit out multiple versions of the same photo – one that adds a smile, one that makes it look like a glam model, one that makes it look young, etc. It also attempts to guess the age and gender of the person in the photo. If you don’t have any headshots handy, ¬†the uploader will let you grab one from your social media account or from the web.

Have fun!



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