Current pet project – some IOS love ( 6 June 2013 )

I dual boot my personal MacBook Pro – I develop for both Windows and Mac. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Mac world doing IOS development. Here is a screenshot of just one of the projects that’s been keeping me away from my beloved Visual Studio when I’m at home. It’s a very simple iPhone app (Android and Windows Phone coming, soon) that allows you to pay for coffee and various other things at your local cafe and restaurants. You get electronic receipts, ¬†collect points and redeem them for free coffee/ food. No need to carry cash or your bank card. In fact, you can leave your wallet at home :-) Currently undergoing private testing and refinement with the help of the Italian¬†restaurant/cafe in my building (I’m a regular and they love me ) :-)

Hoping to turn this into a commercial product. A few exciting things are happening in the this space :-)

BTW: I’m AngularJS and ASP.Net MVC for the web frontend. The IOS app is fully native. The backed uses both Amazon AWS, Azure and NServiceBus/ MSMQ/ SQL Server.

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